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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need Pre K child development? Try the Peter Pan Cooperative.

The philosophy of the Peter Pan Cooperative is centered around the works of Gesell, Ilg and Ames. Whose books,
"...stress the principle that growing children are true to their biological nature, and thus any attempt to push or force their development are doomed to failure. When a child does not seem to be doing what other children are doing...[eventually] the child will develop the appropriate behavior. Thus children who are not learning are simply not ready to learn; when they are ready, learning will happen." 1

With these principles in mind children learn at their own pace and associate with children of various ages but, perhaps, at the same developmental level. Children are encouraged to learn social skills and knowledge from one another. Parents are also encouraged to interact with their children and peers by volunteering once a week in the mornings. As a cooperative the parents also help determine the direction of the school.

There are various activities children participate in: outdoor plat, imaginative play, art, reading, games, group time and field trips.

AM Session 9-12
PM Session 12-2:45

For more information and pricing use the links below.

Peter Pan Cooperative Nursery School

1. An Introduction to Theories of Human Development, Neil J Salkind

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